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It was a path unexpected, but as soon as we arrived we knew we were home. The flourishing, vibrant vines, the panoramic views over Lake Hume and the familiar aromas and sounds of the country we had previously called home for many years, had us completely taken by its grace. And so here we are, three generations coming together to embark on an adventure like no other.
We were ready for a new adventure and knew the right opportunity would eventually present itself – but would never have guessed running a winery would be it! There was something magical about the property and despite a love of wine being our only industry experience, we just knew this was our next chapter. With a whole lot of learning and hard work ahead of us, we couldn’t be more grateful and excited to be moving in this direction; creating a legacy and laying the foundations upon which life long memories - and outstanding wine - will be made.

Sustainability Family Community

Webster’s Estate is a tribute to our family and has been founded on the vision to produce exceptional quality wines that bring people together for unforgettable experiences; moments that become shared lifelong memories. Community spirit is our inspiration and we strive to capture this in all that we do.
We are working closely with talented local wine makers to bring our customers outstanding quality wines that showcase the unique terroir of North East Victoria.Our practices are driven by our values to create a sustainable future for our vineyard and our planet, to bring communities together and to deliver consistently authentic and delectable wine for you to enjoy.
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